New posts coming soon!

Or i'm buying the beer

So here's the thing: I've been challenged by my peers to release a blog every week. The offence of not doing so before each Friday will cost each participant a round of beer before the weekend hits. Now most will agree that writing is a very good skill to have. But I think it can be a struggle building this habit.

When we discussed this issue among each other I found out I was not the only one. Most of us developers enjoy the idea of a blog, building it and then never publish a page. But that ends here!

So my first post is scheduled for upcoming Thursday. Possible subjects are:

  • Innovating technology and Simplicity;
  • Maintaining a healthy learning curve;
  • Using technology to achieve X.

It will be a suprise to the both of us. So I’ll be glad if you check it out. Feel free to speak to me on twitter.


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Posted on Apr 20
Written by Stefano Oldeman